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In ALFRIN, we create a unique interplay between institutions, industry, faciltators and investors. Our role is to establish connections and co-operation between these by creating environments that generate optimum conditions for building world-class skills along with opportunities to create new collaborative ventures. 

ALFRIN Skill Academies  are the best-in-class  Centres of Excellence in selected Sectors. We run industry-driven courses of high quality with golden standards, course guidelines and trainers' support from world-class Training Partners from Europe.

Sectors of Excellence

Hotel Management

Networking with renowned  French & European institutes and Tourism Hospitality Skill Council in India, ALFRIN's Centre of Excellence promotes the world-class savoir-faire and taste for innovation in the fields of hospitality management, food service and the culinary arts.

Beauty Wellness

A promising universe - Beauty & Wellness industry.

In today’s search of well-being, the beauty world has become a very important source and it must answer well-informed clients in a professional way. Today the Wellness phenomenon is completely linked to aesthetics & well-being. An innovative concept in full development: Medi-wellness, a holistic wellness centre, which offers skin-care professionals advanced technics, enhancing the results of acts of aesthetic medicine.

Combining technology, know-how, professional and human qualities, beauty is now a recognized profession that requires extensive training and adapted to this changing world.

Together, ALFRIN accompanies aspiring youth, practicing professionals and entrepreneurs on the path to success, allowing them to obtain a French state recognised diplomas and equipping them with the tools to succeed in the professional life of their choice.

Skill School 

Skill School is a new type of school model for 14 to 19year olds of all abilities, designed to support young people to gain the skills, experiences, and key academic qualifications that they need to succeed in life & work. 


With a rising interest in achieving healthier lifestyles, due in part to greater awareness about the obesity and chronic disease epidemics, more people are being drawn to careers in health and fitness. According to the reports on career opportunities, employment in the field of Healthcare and Fitness, is expected to increase by 13%.

Become a Certified Personal Trainer or Fitness Clinician or weight management specialist.

To find out which area you should pursue, consider the needs in your community, what you are most passionate about and your preferred training style.

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