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Skill Development

Skill Development Programs

In collaboration with our member Institutes and Training Centres in France, ALFRIN Academia offers Learning and Skill Development Programs to develop world-standard basic and specialised skills in the selected sectors of excellence.

World-class Professional Training programs from renowned French Academies of Beauty & Spa

Becoming a Skin-care Beauty and Spa Therpist by undergoing the French State approved training programs conducted under the supervision of Master Trainers from France.

Beautician Training

Academia prepares its students for all the beauty qualifications awarded by the French government.

All the training is carried out either at the school, or as a sandwich course, with one week training for every three weeks in employment, on average.

All our Beauty sector trainings lead to the highest levels of professional qualification: the best national results in State diplomas, gold medals in the National Competition for the Best Apprentice,  plus representations and demonstrations at numerous worldwide events.


Spa Training

– Spa Practitioner
– Operational Spa Manager
– General Spa Manager

The Spa Practitioner and Spa Manager courses systematically use a Spa-school throughout the training, and the assessments are made on real clients or in real situations.

This training method, using the spa as a real training tool, is a « situational » type of training, 

All the Spa Practitioner and/or Spa Manager training includes a 10-week in-house training period. SPA Academia undertakes to place each trainee in a real professional situation, suited to the qualification they are preparing for, either in India or abroad.


Academia has therefore developed a large network of spas, nationally and internationally, and this close involvement in the professional network also contributes to the recognition of the Spa Practitioner and Spa Manager diplomas, thus increasing the employability of the trainees.

Spa & Beauty Academia provides all the Beauty and Spa training as initial training, sandwich training, continuous vocational training and V.A.E. (Validation of Experience).

Business Incubators for Innovation Partnerships

A Business Accelerator. An Innovation Lab.

At ALFRIN, the Franco-Indian Business partners communicate, share and create prototypes of their JV projects and test them thro' the Observatory before launching the products and services.


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